April 30, 2014 lindamckendry

Sustainable Roses

Contrary to popular lore, roses are sustainable.

Like in any other practice, it is the person’s actions and applications, not the subject matter, that makes all the difference. Part of responsible gardening is making sure that what we do today can be passed down to our children and grandchildren without consequence.

I’ll let book’s excerpt explain it best:
“This is the first important book for the rose gardener to be written about environmentally conscious rose gardening. ”

Below are my recommendations for sustainable roses in Southern California:



Ballerina Rose Closeup


Buff Beauty

Buff Beauty Rose Closeup



Devoniensis Rose OnShrub

Devoniensis Rose Closeup



Cornelia on the Shrub



Kathleen on the Shrub



Mutabilis close up

Mutabilis on Shrub