June 8, 2015 lindamckendry

Successful Gardening in the Drought

How are you going to reduce your water use by 35%. Here are a few water saving practices to help you get there. MelindaKelleyNatives Water-saving Lawn Tips: 

  • Select water efficient varieties suited for Southern California.
  • Replace nonessential turf with ground covers, and mulches.
  • Adjust irrigation schedule monthly – to reflect seasonal changes
  • Lawns are the main water guzzlers, how much lawn do you really need?
  • Water at night, ideally between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., this reduces evaporation and wind will not be strong enough to interfere with sprinkler patterns
  • Mow lawns higher during very warm weather
    • Helps reduce growth rate
    • Protects lawn from sunburn
    • Promotes deeper root growth
    • Shades soil, reduces weeds
droughtresistant2 Water-saving Plant Tips: 

  • Remove plants in crowded beds or low-priority plants competing for soil moisture
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch with a 3-4″ layer of tree trimmings
    • Reduces water evaporation and weeds
    • Protects roots from heat
    • Reduces weeds who compete for water
  • Avoid heavy pruning
  • Do not overuse fertilizers, which increase growth and water demands
  • Infrequent deep watering encourages deeper root growth, and results in plants with greater drought tolerance
  • Use a drip irrigation system, grouping plants with similar water needs together on one drip irrigation line

21098_original Water-saving Edible Garden Tips:

  • Plant an appropriate size garden for your household
  • Plant shorter season crops and drought resistant varieties
  • Know critical watering periods, for example transplanting and fruit development
  • Apply a 3” to 4” layer of mulch
  • Remove weeds, which compete for water resources
  • Install a water efficient drip irrigation system
source: http://cagardenweb.ucanr.edu/Drought_/Drought_Gardening_Tips_/

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