September 3, 2014 lindamckendry

September Gardening Checklist

Here are some to-do’s for the garden in September.


  • Being purchasing spring-flowering bulbs
  • Start planting bulbs, especially drought-resistance ones
  • Plant bulb covers over spring flowering bulbs
  • Start planting cool-season flowers to bloom during spring or winter
  • Plant Sweet peas from seeds for Christmas bloom
  • Start planting winter vegetables



  • Divide irises that need division
  • Start disbudding camellias
  • Deadhead roses
  • Start fall cleanup for perennials
  • Remove faded and ratty flowers from warm season ornamental grasses



  • Feed Fuchsias
  • Feed all container-grown succulents with a well-diluted complete liquid fertilizer
  • To maintain the color of blue hydrangeas,start treating the soil with aluminum sulfate
  • Fertilize azaleas at month’s end for the second and last time of the year.
  • Fertilize roses