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October is probably the busiest times in the garden.  Here are a few to-do’s to get things started.




  • Plant all types of permanent landscape plants other than barefoot plants, tropical and native plants
  • Continue to shop for spring- blooming bulbs and plant the ones that can be put down now, including South African bulbs, oxalis, and Tazetta types of Narcissus
  • Plant cool-season flowers for winter and spring bloom
  • Purchase wildflower seeds and spread immediately following the first autumn fain.
  • Plant cool-season lawns
  • Plant cool-season vegetables and year-round vegetables, including carrots and some perennial vegetables



  • Dig up, divide, and replant perennials, or mulch them



  • We stop feeding roses by the end of October to give them rest and start preparing for pruning.



  • Water all garden plants according to the individual needs, your soil, your climate zone, and the weather (reducing water if rains start early)
  • Water deciduous fruits trees more sparingly in fall
  • Water roses with up to 1 1/2 inches of water twice a week, unless rains do the job for you
  • Continue to water lawns when rains aren’t adequate

Control Pest/Diseases/Weeds


  • Protect pansies, petunias, and lettuce from rabbits
  • Treat cool-season lawns with fungicide if required
  • Create a gopher-proof lawn by burying chicken wire under it prior to planting
  • Continue to control diseases on roses

Also this month

Woman With Hoe

  • Finish pulling out faded annual flowers and cleaning pots and beds for fall planting
  • Thoroughly clean up the vegetable garden; pull up the last of the summer crops and compost the remains
  • Continue fall maintenance of perennials



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