April 24, 2015 lindamckendry

May in The Garden

If you have kept up with the gardening checklist, May is the month to watch your garden grow!



  • Plant irises
  • Plant canned roses
  • Plant tropicals
  • Transplant potted bulbs into the ground
  • Replace cool-season bedding flowers with flowers to bloom in summer
  • Continue planting summer vegetables
  • Plant a giant pumpkin for Halloween
  • Purchase, plant, and transplant succulents, including cacti and euphorbias



  • Thin out fruit on deciduous fruit trees
  • Continue to pick and deadhead roses
  • Prune camellias
  • Clean up and prune azaleas
  • Prune winter- and spring – flowering vines, shrubs, trees, and ground covers after they finish blooming
  • Continue to tie up tomatoes
  • Deadhead and cut back perenials


  • Feed citrus trees
  • Feed avocado trees
  • Fertilize camellias after bloom
  • Feed azaleas after bloom
  • Feed roses

Also this month

  • Mulch your whole garden
  • Remove volunteers that are growing where they are not wanted
  • Pull out cool-season annuals that have finished blooming
  • Harvest citrus



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