January 1, 2015 lindamckendry

January Gardening Checklist

January is a great time to start planning any design updates for your garden! Taking out the lawn and replacing it with a design that incorporates climate appropriate planting and permeable hardscape will pay off in water savings.


  • Purchase and plant bare-root roses, trees, wines, berries and vegetables
  • Choose and plant succulents now when they are their most colorful
  • Purchase and plant cool- season flowers to fill bare spots




  • Prune deciduous fruit trees
  • Prune roses
  • Pick camellias to use in flower arrangements
  • Deadhead azaleas
  • Do not prune off frost damage, wait and let the plant heal itself


  • Fertilize roses with an organic mix containing alfalfa  when they start to leaf out with an inch of new growth
  • Begin to feed citrus trees and continue monthly they May
  • Treat citrus trees to correct chlorosis
  • Feed cool-season flowers

Microjet irrigation of citrus http://www.landlearnnsw.org.au

  • When rains are not adequate, water all garden plants according to their individual needs
  • Irrigate citrus tress, if rains are not adequate

Control Pests/Diseases/Weeds

  • Apply dormant spray to roses and deciduous fruit trees
  • Pick up dead camellia blooms to prevent petal blight
  • Pull weeds
  • Spray peach and apricot trees for peach leaf curl

Also this Month

  • Protect tender plants from frost
  • Order seeds and supplies from seed catalogs
  • plant lettuce from seed while the weather is cool


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