Design Process

When designing gardens, we can take your yard from initial consultation and concept to completion and maintenance. Although each project is unique, here are some steps that are usually involved:

On-site Visit

The design process starts with a consultation, an hour-long visit to your garden where we explore ideas and possibilities. This exchange of ideas often leads to the next step…Discovery.


Discovery is where the fun begins! My team of experts spends the day in your garden analyzing what is already there. We look at the trees, irrigation, soil condition, health of the plants, existing lighting and sun versus shade in the garden. The day often includes a freshening up of the garden by my fine gardening crew. We experience your garden throughout the day and come away with an informed sense of the possibilities and potential challenges to the design.

Design Development

Design Development is the nuts and bolts of the process. We put pencil to paper and come up with a design program that fits your current and future budgets. A plan is developed for the new garden with thought given to your future needs and ongoing care of the new garden.


Your garden dreams are realized through the installation of the new design by my team of licensed contractors. Attention to detail is given throughout the installation process allowing the design concept to be accurately realized. Through careful observation and by using an experienced team of landscape contractors and craftsman your design will last and your garden will mature and flourish.


Start your project with Linda McKendry. We just might be perfect together!