December is a great month to forage in the garden for DIY project’s like this succulent table top tree.



  • Begin planting bare-root roses, trees, vines, berries, and vegetables
  • Choose and plant sasanqua camellias and early blooming azaleas
  • Finish planting all spring-flowering bulbs, except tulips, hyacinths, and crocuses, on or before December.
  • Purchase permanent plants that are colorful in winter
  • Plant culinary herbs in pots for use in turkey stuffing
  • Continue to plant winter vegetables



  • Stop picking and deadheading roses; leave the hips on the bush
  • Start pruning deciduous fruit trees
  • Prune grapes
  • Prune low-chill raspberries and other berries
  • Prune native plants
  • Prune Wisteria by cutting off unwanted long twiners and prune roots of vines that fail to bloom.
  • Pick plant materials from the garden to use as holiday decorations
  • Mow cool-season lawns, including Bermuda that’s overseeded with winter ryegrass
  • Do not mow warm-season lawns



  • Do not fertilize roses
  • Feed cool-season flowers with a complete fertilizer for growth and bloom
  • Feed shade plants for bloom; give them adequate light
  • Feed cool-season lawns but not warm-season lawn



  • Do not water succulents growing in the ground
  • Continue to water other plants if the weather’s hot, dry, and windy
  • Do not water roses

Control Pests, Diseases, and Weeds


  • Spray peach and apricot trees for peach leaf curl
  • Use dormant spray on deciduous fruit trees and other woody plants that drop their leaves in winter

Also this Month


  • Prepare for frost in areas where it is expected by sheltering tropical plants growing in containers
  • Prepare beds for planting bare-root roses next month
  • Lift Dahlias and store them for the winter
  • Tie up permanent vines so they do not get knocked down by the rain or wind
  • Harvest winter vegetables as soon as they mature


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