Meet Linda

“I believe gardens are a moment in time.
As each year builds
, your garden reveals inspiration previously unseen.”

Linda walking in the garden


I Love Gardens & Gardening

I am often asked, “what makes a garden?” My personal idea of a garden is a space which includes a place to sit and smell the roses, a place where you can be refreshed by the sound and sight of water and an environment where you can experience the change of the seasons.

The best gardens evolve over time. I became a garden designer because I wanted a creative outlet where I could continue to learn. I am continually challenged and delighted by all there is to learn in the world of gardening.

Pacific Horticulture

Linda is the travel coordinator for the Pacific Horticulture Society and supports many other horticultural organizations.

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“Every garden is as unique and different as its owners.”


My First Garden Memory

My first gardening memory was a summer day, toddling behind my grandfather as he watered his roses in the backyard garden, and playing hide and seek in the raspberry patch. In addition to luscious red raspberries, Grandpa grew red leaf lettuce, big juicy tomatoes, yellow wax beans, and summer squash. My family lived in a small town in Pennsylvania.

Across the street in an old red brick school house lived Fred who spoke only Italian and sang opera as he tended daffodils and tender young greens in the spring followed by, Italian beans, radicchio, and many other edibles not to be found in the local grocery. I was hooked on these tastes.

Linda walking in the garden